I’m just gonna go out and take a few steps

On August 24, Mia started taking steps across the massive 222m Highline we had rigged at Hunlen Falls, in Northern British Columbia.

Mia's walking style could aptly be described as rock solid patience. She takes her time and definitely isn't one to rush or overstep her mistakes. 


Friedi Kühne was watching intently as he mentioned, "She is one of the most solid slackliners I have ever seen. She is just rock solid."

As she steadily walked past the midpoint of the line, you could feel the excitement rising as her friends started to whisper periodically, "Just keep walking Mia, keep taking steps."

Mia did keep walking. She walked further than any Female has previous. Adding almost 100 meters to the previous record. 

The best part is, she is one of the most humble athletes you will ever meet. She's one of those rare gem's that pushes her self out of a love for the experience and sheer personal drive. 

Mia set a new female world record at 222m 


She won't be one to bring attention to her achievements, so make sure to hit her up on instagram and let her now how incredible she is!

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