The Better & Faster Way To Cut Selects in the Source Monitor – Premiere Pro

Shortcuts Cutting Selects in Premiere:

Open Multiple Clips into Source Monitor
Shift + O = to open in source monitor

Short Cuts for Cutting Selects ( You need to add these two, or set them for whatever you want)
+ = For Source Clip Next
-  = For Source Clip Previous

In and Out Points: I & O For setting in and out points
With LKJ for shuttling the playhead back and forth.

, to insert clip into sequence. 


Further Editing Shortcuts: (tutorial coming soon)
Q - Application -> Ripple Trim Previous Edit To Playhead
W - Application - > Ripple Trim Next Edit To Playhead

You need to add
S - Application -> Sequence -> Add Edit
            (comes default as command + K)
E - Application -> Ripple Delete

You can also select a blank space and delete
A and click - selects everything to the left of playhead. 

Other Helpful Shortcuts

B - Application -> Ripple Edit Tool

N – Rolling Edit Tool

Screenshot 2016-12-05 14.07.00.png
Levi Allen