Must have Drone Accessories for Phantom 3 Pro


My favorite tools for shooting wiTH a drone

The first ACCESSORY I recommend is a charging dock

This is a unit that essentially holds three batteries at a time, and charges them in order of how full they are. It wont cut down on charging times, but it does prevent you from needing to sit there and change the cable yourself. 

Simple Right Angle Lightning cable

This is just nice to have for cable management. I like that although it sticks out, it won't wear out as fast as an ordinary apple cable (i've gone through several of these). 



This case has a very pelican esque build quality. It's not quite at the same level, but it's very close. I use this any time I am flying somewhere and I need the drone really protected. 

The one I purchased was cheaper because it was an older phantom 2 model. I just used some scissors to cut it out a bit and I was ready to go. 

And Finaly the newest addition, the Drone gaurd 400

This is something I purchased very recently from a local camera store. I wanted a better option for carrying the drone when I was lugging it into the mountains. My previous solution was kinda risky, and so this more projected option was a much better idea. 

One of the things I love about it from a backpack perspective is that the straps are easily removable. I love this because I can then attach it to my larger F-stop Satori EXP. This is the most common configuration i will carry it in. This is a new addition to my kit, and i'll let you know how it holds up. 

Levi Allen