First thoughts on the GH5: Is it the New King of Adventure Doc Filmmaking?

Panasonic had a really big day yesterday. They officially launched their new Lumix Gh5 at CES and unleashed a slew of new videos along with the launch. I was hesitant to share my thoughts at first, because it mostly seemed too good to be true, but looking at the footage from filmmakers like Luke Neumann, I now feel my excitement is justified. 

I also share about running into roadblocks with productivity in my January challenge and how I'm pushing through either way. 

Some Great Info  About the Camera

Eoshd wrote published an article here that sums up how I feel pretty well. 

Some great Videos featuring Luke Neumanns work as well. 

This film above, has some amazing examples of the 4k 60p. A lot of really great hand held work as well, showing how viable it is for run and gun work. 



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