The Winter Balance - Lumix Gh5 Test Film

I was beyond stoked to get early access to the highly anticipated GH5. 

There is so much to say about this camera, but more than anything, I couldn't wait to just get out and shoot something with it. So I headed up the mountains with the Slacklife BC crew and had a blast messing around in the mountains. 

This footage is the results from those first 24 hours with the camera.

Huge thanks to Trisha from Panasonic and Duane for sharing is camera with me in his first hours of having it. 


Here are some responses to FAQ's I'll continue to update.
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The Goal: 
Camera specs and such are all well and good, but for me, I find I just don't know about a camera till I get a chance to shoot with it. So that was my goal, take the camera out to an adventure documentary situation and see what I can capture in one day. So this includes all the imperfections and mistakes I would make on any other doc shoot, and I cut together trying to focus on good content and not always the best most perfect shot. 

Favorite Features:
- Image stabalization in body and combo with lens (dual is)
- 4k 60p and 4k24p 4.2.2 10bit

Lenses Used:
- 24mm Rokinon 1.4
- 12-35mm Panasonic
- 30- 100 mm Panasonic

Image Manipulation:
- There was 0 post stabilization used. I didn't realize this till I uploaded, but I didn't use warp stabilizer once because I was very pleased with the handheld look of the footage out of camera.
- I shot in Cine-V (didn't have a chance to load a LUT and use Vlog properly. I didnt want to risk messing up exposure and focus. Stuck with what I'm familiar with which is cine-v. when you only have 24hrs with a camera it's best to stick with things you know work well).
- I used neat video denoiser on the first handful of shots. They were shot at like 6400 iso. 

There are a handful of 180fps 1080p shots in there. I learned it looks a lot better on closer objects, and the image definitely starts to fall apart at further distances (lots of moire and such). This is the best highspeed option I've seen on a camera this size though. Very stoked with the results. It cuts together well enough for the story. 

I shot this entire piece with one battery