You Can Double Your Edit Speed // Editing Adventure Films


Once you get a basic grip of your editing software, you will move from baby steps to starting to learn some of the secrets of the trade.

Tips and tricks that will make a massive difference in how you edit your projects are worth the time to learn as soon as possible. For me when I learned this trick I am going to share with you, I was literally laughing at how much faster it allowed me to edit. Something so simple and yet so effective.

The trick I am teaching you comes in handy during the stage of your project when you are cutting your selects from your footage. You are trying to find the best moments from what you shot and start to build a video.

You need to edit fast, ignore getting specific and lay out a rough cut as fast as possible. Dont waste your time getting picky with the length of your shots.

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STEP 1: Set In and Out Points With a Shortcut

When you have your sequence created, use the short cuts 'I' and 'O' in order to set your in and out points efficiently. These are the points that premeire uses to drop that section of the clip into your sequence.

STEP 2: Drop the Clip into Your Sequence

Once you have selected your in and out points use the comma key ',' to drop it down into your sequence at your play head.


Now that you have your rough cut laid out you can begin to cut more finely the clips you want to use in your edit. A huge way to speed this up is use the keyboard shortcuts of 'Q' and 'W'. When you press Q it will 'ripple delete' the clip beginning to your playhead. When you press W it will 'ripple delete' the end of the clip to your play head. Go on, give it a try.

Using the lock on a video audio track for when you ripple cut

Some things to note: Ripple cutting will chop every layer in the sequence that is not locked. This is important to note if you have a music tracks that you do not want to end up all chopped up. You can work around this by simply locking the track.Refining your edit with ripple cuts is an extremely efficient way to edit to the beat of the music. Play in your timeline and pause exactly at the beat you want to cut to, then use a ripple cut to make it happen.

I love this tip. I hope it has helped you. If you have any questions connect with me on Facebook or join the Leftcoast Collective to contact me directly!

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Written by: Levi Allen VanderKwaak

Levi Allen