I Started Vlogging Every Week - Leftcoast Life



I am super excited to share with you that the Leftcoast Life Vlog has started and is definitely sticking around. My original vlogging ideas started for me back in highschool, but I never had the courage to commit with doing it regularly. I have finally decided that waiting isn't going to help, and so this summer I mustered some courage and decided I was just going to go for it. Initially in my head I thought, yeah, I'll do it for just the summer and see how it goes. I have since decided that I love it, and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

Leftcoast Life is here, and it's here to stay.

Why Start a Weekly Vlog?

For me it had the most to do with wanting to grow my muscle of commitment. Earlier this year I started blogging and writing a newsletter every week, and I knew I was capable of creating more things on a regular basis. I read once in a book that people who are creative when they feel creative just do art for a hobby, those who create even when they don't feel like it are the professionals.

This resonated with me. I especially felt like someone who mostly created when I felt inspired or that it was convenient. I knew I could create more, but without the commitment, it simply just didnt happen.

Something Amazing Happened

For me the idea of vlogging, and even creating videos in general, has never been about the quantity of views. I  have always felt that the views only matter when they are connected with people that actually care. To be honest I have found it challenging to build an audience of people who want to see my most meaningful work. It has always been my fear that one day when I make something I am really proud of I will have no one to share it with. Yes I can share it with the internet, but I want to be able to share it with those who care about the process that went into it and are genuinely excited to see the final results.

Vlogging has been an amazing way to authenticaly connect personaly with those that might care about my work. The effects have been almost immediate. Sure someone can feel inspired when they see a beautiful video, but it is way easier to inspire people when you are building a relationship with them. For me, vlogging has become in even these short months, a genuine way to build a relationships with people. It gives me an opportunity to provide them with more value and inspire them to do more themselves.

Vlogging is now my primary way to authenticaly connect with people online, in vulnerable and honest way.

This is all just the beginning, but I am super excited for the response I have received from people so far. I really do enjoy creating them, and I love the challenge of making them regularly. Don't tell anyone, but I am thinking of making them twice a week soon. I hope you have enjoyed the Vlogs as well. Bellow you can find three more of my favourite vlogs so far, which ones are your favourite?

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