Behind the Scenes Video of Mountain Bike Film: Freedom 🎬

behindthescenesoffreedom1.jpg Three weeks ago I released a biking film that I was super excited about. Turns out, a lot of others ended up being excited about it as well. It's been great to see it gather over 20 thousand views across Vimeo and in the past two weeks.

If you have not seen it yet you can view it here:

As more and more people watched it, more and more questions poured in about the process of making it. Instead of just replying in the emails, I thought it would be great to create a behind the scenes video that showed some footage of making it, and also answer some questions.

In this Video I cover several things:

  • I talk about the equipment used
  • Sharing about the shooting process
  • Giving a look at what it's like to shoot outdoors
  • The editing process
  • How I use Warp Stabalizer
  • The flow of my editing


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I hope you enjoyed this Behind the Scenes Video! I share new content every Thursday.

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Written by: Levi Allen

Levi Allen