A Mind Blowing World Record Jump



Hidden away in a small valley on the top of Sumas mountain in the quiet town of Abbotsford British Columbia, is the compound of a man named Al. This man is single handily making a loud statement about the quality of his craftsmanship for our viewing pleasure. Al is progressing the sport of UTV racing and… well…. UTV jumping more than anyone one else in the country.


Stock UTV Rzrs bought off the lot are definitely not equipped for this level of performance.


That’s where Al’s company Concept Distributing comes in and outfits these machines to be powerhouses that are actually safe to jump.


Al’s workmanship creates beautiful pieces of art, the chassis he builds for these machines are incredible.


What’s even more awesome, is he is willing to prove firsthand how much he trusts his work.

Shattering World Records

Working with Brad Friessen, we had a great opportunity to come out and document some serious record breaking take place.
On this project I was the Steadicam operator, Secondary Drone pilot, and also handled all the Post Production and Editing. The piece itself was put together and coordinated by Brad Friessen, who was also the amazing Helicopter Pilot. The video was made for Brad’s recently launched Helicopter Youtube Channel that you definitely need to subscribe to.

Shooting for the Edit

On a day like this there was a lot of downtime in between the different jumps and lots of prep time involved with pulling off a stunt of this size. Safety was a high concern and so nothing was rushed. It is so easy to over shoot and end up with a loads of footage you won’t need, and as a result potentially miss out on key moments. I find it is far better to instead of just roll your camera on every thing that is happening really look for those key moments that you know will actually end up in the edit. Your editor with thank you a thousand times over, trust me.


Getting Into Those Hard to Reach Spots

Screenshot 2015-08-13 20.54.13
I love shooting with the GoPro cameras for stunts like this because it allows you to get into these hard to reach areas that provide an amazing perspective. With this video there is a lot of the same jump happening over and over and getting that visual diversity is key to help keep the viewer engaged.

The Gear

Inspire 1 and phantom 3
Josh Knepper was operating the Red Dragon out of the helicopter.
We had a slew of Hero 4’s mounted everywhere you could imagine.
There was a GH4, a canon 60d and a 7d.


For the multi rotors we had two quads from DJI brought and piloted by the team at Sugarshark productions.


I had a chance to shoot on their Phantom 3 while watching Mark and Anastasia shoot tandom with the Inspire. Watching them thread the needle with the inspire really impressed me with the amount of control they could have with this copter at high speeds. DJI is certainly doing something fantastic with their higher level drones.

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