One thing I am pioneering is creating vlog content during the actual creation of the series. I tested this out with the production of Untethered and it was a huge success. People loved following along with the journey. 

We will be creating vlog style content throughout the entire production of the series. This content will also serve as a great avenue for product placement and sharing what gear we use for different tasks and why. 

I am not new to creating vlogs; I have a rapidly growing audience and over 70 episodes under my belt. This vlog content will be a huge contribution to the initial traction and the success of the series as a whole. 

We will also be sharing the entire time on snapchat, instagram, and facebook live

We are true practitioners of the social media age, and we know that it takes so much more than a good film to connect with an audience. For this reason we will be sharing constantly during production on all of our social media channels. 


To go along with the series we will additionally be creating a whole slew of behind the scenes content that will go forward to promote the series and the brands involved in making it happen. 

Behind The Scenes: There will be behind the scenes episodes created for each short film. 

Tutorials: There will be additional tutorials created to showcase how to make your own adventure films. All of this will be a perfect avenue for product placement.