The 5 Keys to Storytelling - Online Webinar (October 11th 10am PST)

The 5 Keys to Storytelling - Online Webinar (October 11th 10am PST)


Finding focus and telling a story that makes people feel something can be a really intimidating process. We are told constantly that story is most important, but how do you find it? And once you’ve found a good story, how can you do it justice?

I’ve clarified 5 keys for making video stories that actually move people.

This process has dramatically impacted everything from my client work to my passion projects. It’s given me confidence to go out there and make films without feeling like I am blowing it the whole time.

1.5 Hour Online Webinar (with replay, downloads and a Q&A)

  • This will be a live webinar on October 11th at 10am PDT

  • There will be a replay of the webinar made available to those who purchased

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This is a rare opportunity to become a partnering supporter of a special episode of the Slacklife Series! By registering for this webinar, you will directly be supporting the creation of what will be our climax episode for season 1. You will earn yourself having your name in the credits, and practically playing a real help in bringing this thing together.

This episode will likely end up being episode 11 (we are currently released up to episode 4).

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