Storytelling Webinar (Filmmaking education)

Storytelling Webinar (Filmmaking education)


LIVE Storytelling webinar with Levi Allen (with replay and downloads)

This is a really awesome webinar opportunity where I will be covering everything about my approach to storytelling, and how to make videos you are proud of.

There is going to be a ton of value packed into this, and I cannot wait to share it all with you.

Depending on the level of interest there might even be multiple webinars included in this that focus on different areas of filmmaking. Things like making amazing stories, but also how to build a youtube channel and personal brand.


  • The webinar will take place near the end of July, and might even be multiple streaming times depending on the volume of attendees.

  • There will be LIVE Q&A throughout the webinar

  • This will be a multi hour event, possibly broken into separate chunks

  • There will be replay available with all the slides

It’s worth noting that you if you want your name in the credits of each episode, this webinar is also included in the parter backing level!

Only Available until June 26th!

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