Our goal is to have our churches, congregations and agencies fully understand the depth, width and scope of what we do. By watching the video we would like people to understand just how incredibly beneficial it is that their church is apart of Fellowship Pacific. That together, as a body of Christ, we can do more than just one church alone.

Themes to convey

  • The collective big picture
    • The relationship between the Fellowship Churches
  • Show the main three areas of expertise
    1. Ministry Resourcing
    2. Church Lifecycles
    3. Leadership Development
  • The depth and width of the ministry landscape
  • Share the ways that churches can utilize the resources the Fellowship Pacific has to offer. 
    • Ie. Helping Churches train leaders, run classes, assist in conflict, assess and create plans for growth, and many components. 



To help reach our goal for the project, we are going to seek out a story–or several personal stories–we could share in a compelling way. We may not be able to explain every detail of what the Fellowship Pacific does, but our hope would be to intrigue people to action. If people are intrigued and can catch a glimpse of the vision and mission, they will be driven to learn more for themselves.  Our plan should be focused on capturing a story that can connect with people. 


Upfront we will work together to find a story that would work best for our goals. This may be the story of a church, an individual, or a family. We will work hard up front to find a story that will work best. Levi may desire to conduct pre-skype interviews. Anna will be helping Levi find these stories. 

Once we find stories we think will work well, we will then arrange for dates to capture these stories. To capture stories we will set up an interview setup similar to a documentary. Levi will then use his notes to conduct an interview averaging on 20-45 minutes in length. 

Alongside capturing these interviews we will also be forming a plan to capture adequate B-Roll footage. B-Roll will essentially be the visuals to go along with, and play over top of the story that is being shared. 


  • We believe we can pull this off through 2-3 days of primary shooting across the coming months.
  • At least one of those days potentially being in a location further than 2 hours driving away from the Fraser Valley.
  • If necessary there may be an additional afternoon or two of shooting if necessary to gather an additional interview or location footage. 
  • Throughout the coming months, and using previously captured footage, Levi will also be looking to gather B-Roll footage of the expanse of British Columbia, and the Fellowship Churches throughout our province. 


  • The total project proposal you will find below is the all inclusive number for the production, minus 1-2  trips that have not yet been arranged.  
    • These trips refer to when we might travel to a location that is further than 2 hours away from the Fraser Valley. 
    • These trips might take several days, and the understanding would be that all related travel expenses would be covered as discussed between Anna and Levi on their pre-production meeting. 
    • This is will be invoiced in addition to the project total. 


Upon the undertaking of this project I would promise to serve the story and the goals to the best of my ability. I would commit to conduct myself of the highest professional standards, representing my Clients with the highest of care. 

If challenges or conflict arrises, I commit to working through them in a professional manner, striving together to reach a conclusion that can help best move the project forward. 


  • I will be delivering one final video.
  • The length of this video will be 3-4.5 minutes
  • You will receive a full HD video file
  • You will be responsible for distribution of said file (uploading or distributing).


Once we enter the stage of having an edit to review, these are some of the expectations I have set around this process. 

  • It will be taken into consideration that it is in Levi's best interest to do the best job he can, and it will be assumed that what he is has edited is the best results from our gathered material.
  • If revision notes are necessary, it will be courtesy of the client to wait at least one night in between receiving the edit to review and sending of potential notes.
  • The expectation is review notes will remain on macro level as much as possible. For example, it would be best to trust Levi with the specifics of how to edit (which shots to use when), and focus discussion on certain feelings or emotions, or themes that feel slightly off. 
  • Levi would do his best work to create and end result that the client is pleased with. 

Any questions about this process, please feel free to clarify. 


  • The total payment number included in this proposal is the entire cost of the production from beginning to end. 
    • This price includes all potential shooting days as outlined in our shooting plan. 
    • This price includes all post-production including music licensing and other hired services that Leftcoast Media House will seek out. (such as post sound, post color).
  • 50% of the project total will be due before any further action is taken forward on the project.
  • The remaining 50% will be due before the final files are handed over. 




At this stage please feel free to clarify on any unclear terms or explanations. I have done my best to asses the project, and if I have missed something, please let me know. 

If the decision is reached to move forward with the project I will proceed to prepare a contract and an invoice for the first payment of 50%. 


All the best,

Levi Allen